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May 2013

White Faced Heron Visiting

Knock Knock

A few days back, whilst working inside, a white faced heron came to the front door.

This little guy was very adorable, and I thought perhaps we had a new friend as he was sitting close by whilst working in the garden close by.

Parrots in front garden.  One needs to understand that I still don’t have a handle on working this website, but that’s…

The Garden In Autumn

Heritage Pumpkins

Summer is over and we are in the last month of Autumn. 
Yes, the combustion cooker is going, fire wood has been cut (with a chainsaw this time and yes, I am reminded of  muscles  forgotten)
Below are photos of fruits ripening in late autumn and it would seem (as this is the first time some trees have fruited) that most of these fruits may not be ready to pick until perhaps Winter.  One day…

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