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August 2013

To Brisbane and Back

Judging the St Bernard at the Ekka, Brisbane

Wow, visiting Brisbane with beautiful clean heat on most days, one understands why folks go north for the winter.  Pictures tell the story!!    Whilst visiting Brisbane, one had to take advantage of attending the Ekka for first and last time.  What a brilliant Show.  Sister and I thought it a good idea to visit of a Monday, Wednesday being Show Holiday in Brisbane City.  Did we know…

Early Buds on Fruit Tress??

Wow, is it going to be an early Spring??  A peach tree, most likely an Anzac peach which fruits before Christmas in blossom along with, what seems to be, a very early Apricot, but what is the name of this Apricot.  Yes, I have placed the name in a ‘very safe place’.

Whilst tapping out this information, I might add that if you are a diary farmer and thinking of cutting costs by protecting…

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