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December 2013


Berries to be picked

Hi All Once Again (if you take time to read these blogs)

It is Berry Season again and this year, if you pick your own, $10 a kg (price per kg) for berries, is being donated to our local hospital, South Gippsland Hospital which just happens to be the best hospital out, according to locals and visitors alike.   There is a belief that folk retire down this way, partly because of our loca…

Energy Efficiency in Your Home

Yesterday morning, Brad Shone who is a Home Energy Saver Scheme advisor with Kildonan Uniting Care, did a presentation on Energy Efficiency in Your Home to 18 people here at home.  Brad discussed opportunities for saving energy in the key energy using areas and appliances, including cooling, heating, hot water and refrigeration etc.

We learnt how to easily calculate the enrgy use of your…

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