In The Garden during February

a selection of fruit grown at A Fare With Nature

Last month of Summer sees one picking and preserving for the 12 months ahead.  From the orchard and vegie garden, we find huge amounts of fruit and vegies, some of which are below.

Such a cool summer, the best I can remember down here in South Gippsland, especially for the dairy farmer,  We still have lush green pastures and the crops of turnip and millet planted for a dry…


Berries to be picked

Hi All Once Again (if you take time to read these blogs)

It is Berry Season again and this year, if you pick your own, $10 a kg (price per kg) for berries, is being donated to our local hospital, South Gippsland Hospital which just happens to be the best hospital out, according to locals and visitors alike.   There is a belief that folk retire down this way, partly because of our loca…

Early Buds on Fruit Tress??

Wow, is it going to be an early Spring??  A peach tree, most likely an Anzac peach which fruits before Christmas in blossom along with, what seems to be, a very early Apricot, but what is the name of this Apricot.  Yes, I have placed the name in a ‘very safe place’.

Whilst tapping out this information, I might add that if you are a diary farmer and thinking of cutting costs by protecting…

Winter Garden from photos 15.6.13

White tree Dahlia in flower during mid June





Six days until we have the shortest day of the year, The Winter Solstice.  One looks forward to days lengthening again.

Photos taken this morning around the garden, after 90ml rain down here in South Gippsland.  The tomato has self sown between bricks supporting the old farm implement where it must be getting the continuing warmt…

White Faced Heron Visiting

Knock Knock

A few days back, whilst working inside, a white faced heron came to the front door.

This little guy was very adorable, and I thought perhaps we had a new friend as he was sitting close by whilst working in the garden close by.

Parrots in front garden.  One needs to understand that I still don’t have a handle on working this website, but that’s…

The Garden In Autumn

Heritage Pumpkins

Summer is over and we are in the last month of Autumn. 
Yes, the combustion cooker is going, fire wood has been cut (with a chainsaw this time and yes, I am reminded of  muscles  forgotten)
Below are photos of fruits ripening in late autumn and it would seem (as this is the first time some trees have fruited) that most of these fruits may not be ready to pick until perhaps Winter.  One day…

Foster’s Community Garden ‘Garden Walk’

Foster Farmers Market and Garden walk, Saturday 17th November
Saturday November 17th is the date set for garden lovers with a multiple garden walk ‘Walk the Food for Thought Gardens’which has four gardens open in the Foster District.

All gardens listed below have one thing in common – Growing of edible foods, be they vegetables, fruit, berries

or other edibles grown in your…

Hot House

Hot house at Foster, Prom Country.

Introduction to Hot House
In this Blog, I can update happenings within the recently constructed Hot House (because that is what it is, even during winter when we have a sunny day (42 degrees!! – Whoops).  One opens up door to interior of house (it does warm up house) and opens sliding door and windows for air to hot house.

Because this venture is so new, experiments are running wild. …

Garden at Beginning of Spring

Fresh Chemical Free Cauliflower

Spring time is with us at last.  A chance for garden lovers to get into the garden if not too wet, and get some vegies going.  If you intend  planting new seeds or seedlings or taking cuttings, now is probably not the right time, ie. if you intended planting by the moon.  Weeding, preparation of site/soils  etc. would probably be the go as the moon is definitely waning.
  Shall includ…

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