Garden Practices at A Fare With Nature Accommodation

And here we have subsistence farming, that being the Orchard, Vegetable, Berries and Cottage Gardens set on two acres which was once part of the farm.

Practices being organic fertilizer, resulting in chemical free fruit and vegies.

Guests are most welcome to take home that bag of manure, or pick a cob of sweet corn to munch during their time in beautiful Prom Country.

Vegie Garden

The garden has been developed with the following practices:

  • Companion plantings
  • Seasonal plantings
  • Edible garden
  • Planting by moon
  • All vegetable plantings labelled and dated
  • Rotational plantings of vegetables
  • See blog for seasonal fresh fruit and vegies.

Aim Of Garden: To cater to the five senses  with as much variety in fresh fruit and vegies as is possible to provide for guests.

We are talking South Gippsland where we don’t have as much choice as other states.  With fresh fruit, berries, vegetables or herbs, guests have opportunity to see and taste as they walk the walk.

Recently constructed is the hot house adjoining north end wall of house.

Hothouse/Conservatory on north wall

Guests are most welcome to enjoy a cuppa or meal in this ‘space’

Guests are most welcome to have their cuppa or a meal whilst enjoying the ambience of interior and the views to the Cherry grove and the hills of South Gippsland.

To date, have black and yellow passionfruit, cuttings which are nearly ready to pot on, strawberries, early french and climbing beans, tomato plants, lettuces etc. all of which will end up on menu.

Everything is experimental at present, but it is fun, especially if hail is outside and you have the comfort of being inside glass house.